July 18, 2007


Novint Technologies, Inc. (NVNT), (www.novint.com), the pioneer of 3D touch for consumer computing, announces the acquisition of Tournabout Incorporated, which develops and markets video game contest and community infrastructure software.


The acquisition will add significant new features to Novint's products and web site. The integration of Tournabout's applications enables Novint's customers to develop online personas, participate in community message boards and chat rooms, post high scores, and join multiplayer games and online tournaments.


"Our acquisition of Tournabout is part of our commitment to create a thriving Falcon user community," said Tom Anderson, CEO, Novint Technology. "Offering this functionality is a key strategic component to using the Falcon as a strong gaming platform. This extends the value of our products beyond the fun of our revolutionary game play, letting users share the experience with others in a variety of ways."


Tournabout's Chief Technology Officer, Ed Zanelli, joins Novint as Director of Community Software. "I am excited to join Novint," said Mr. Zanelli. "The assets that Tournabout has developed are perfectly suited to take the Falcon community and software to a whole new level. It's exciting to apply it in a company with the potential that Novint has."


The Novint Falcon is an award-winning first-of-a-kind 3D touch game controller that lets users feel realistic touch sensations when playing enabled games.


To learn more about Novint Technologies and the Falcon, visit www.novint.com.